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Video Production pt. 2

Class Agenda

  1. Tech Presentation Group 8: Google Drive
  2. Review Long-Form Project and Fourth Web Page Assignments
  3. Video Production Workshop
  4. Long-Form/Blog/4th Page Workshop (Alternative)

Video Production Workshop

Upload your homework video to your own computer if you prefer (class computers lack video editing apps/software). Then open the MS Movie Maker (or your computer’s equivalent). Practice splicing video footage, adding music and voice-overs, and polishing the video footage into a more streamlined product. The goal of this exercise is for you to try new things and get comfortable with the software.

For true beginners, please review the video editing tutorials posted in the earlier blog posts for some basic ‘how-to’ help.

If you lack the proper equipment to edit your video or finish editing early, please work on your Long-Form project, your blog (including your Research Journal #4), or your Fourth Page during this time.


Video homework check and class discussion:

Finish your video over the weekend. On Tuesday, I will walk around and check that your video homework is complete. Please have it ready for me to view (save it to the cloud or a flashdrive and upload it so it is ready for me to view).

Next I will ask for 2-3 volunteers to show their videos to the class on the big screen so we can discuss the video-making process. If you have a video from PowerPoint, Movie Maker, etc., you will need to copy it to a flashdrive or have it in the cloud in order to share with the class. I’d like to see some spectacular failures as well as successes because we can learn a lot from a project gone wrong, and the point of this homework was to learn about the video production process, not to create a masterpiece.

Research Journal #4

Continue working on your Fourth Page and Long-Form Project