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Digital Delivery

Class Agenda

  1. Tech Presentation Group #4: Audacity
  2. Pop quiz! (10 minutes)
  3. Discussion of Ridolfo & DeVoss’s Composing For Recomposition: Rhetorical Velocity and Delivery
  4. Read and comment on a classmate’s blog
  5. How to link your blog to your other social media accounts and other WordPress questions


Open Canvas and look for the WTL #8 post in the ‘Discussions’ section. Answer the following three questions. Three points each, plus one point just for trying.

  1. Define the amplification effect.
  2. Define rhetorical velocity.
  3. Why am I playing this video (i.e., what point does it illustrate in the Ridolfo & DeVoss article)?

How to Publicize Your Blog

Review this page and choose which social media sites would be best to help publicize your blog. Be sure to use this time wisely to get your blog some attention!

A Little Life Advice for your Weekend, from Neil Gaiman



Post by Neil Gaiman.


Cheryl Ball, Designerly ≠ Readerly