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Peer Review

Class Agenda

  1. Finalizing our Honor Pledge
  2. Blog Peer Review

Finalizing our Honor Pledge

Here is our final edited version:

On my honor as a writer and participant in online spaces, I pledge that I will maintain the autonomy of any source or website nor claim anyone else’s copyrighted work as my own regardless of medium or mode of communication (writing, sound, image, video, etc.) unless the work has been transformative in purpose of function by me; I will always attribute credit for the work of others that appears within my projects for this class. I also pledge that when including images and other media in the projects for this class I will first attempt to use freely licensed or public domain materials. When I use copyrighted material for the purposes of social, cultural, or political critique or artistic remix I will abide by what is an ethical and legal use of the fair use doctrine with legal leeway for educational purposes.

Blog Peer Review

  1. Be sure that you already completed your blog explanation sheet for your group (this should have been done early in the weekend, but now is the last chance to complete it).
  2. If you haven’t already, review your partner’s/group member’s blog and complete the peer-review worksheet.
  3. Log into Canvas and upload the peer-review sheet and read your review sheets from your partner/group members.
  4. Then as a group each author will take about 5-7 minutes to answer the questions posed by his/her reviews and ask for any clarification of or additions to the revision advice.


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