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CRAP! WTF? or Visual Design and Rhetoric for the Web


As always, we have lots to do…

  1. Tech Presentation: Group #1
    • Photoshop
  2. Visual Rhetoric and WTF (Why this font?)
  3. CRAP and color and The Pioneer Woman 
    • Let’s look at how The Pioneer Woman uses CRAP  (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity) and color.
  4. WordPress questions and blog work (if time)
    During your work time, please post the link to your blog and its name in the Canvas Discussion forum if you haven’t already.


Read: Web Writing Style Guide, It’s Not Plagiarism If It’s on the Web, Right?, p. 53-57
Blog “About” and “Welcome” pages and Header image (Due Tuesday!) Here is a link to the beginner’s tutorial if you need it.
Blog Analysis (Due Thursday, Sept. 15)
1st Blog Post (Due Thursday, Sept. 15)