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Blog Analysis: The Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman

Today we will discuss the Blog Analysis project, audience, purpose, context, ethos, and your About and Welcome pages that are due next Tuesday. We will use The Pioneer Woman’s website/blog as an example for our discussions today.

  1. First, open a Word document and write a one-paragraph (no more than one double-spaced page) summary of Amanda Fortini’s article on Ree Drummond and her blog. What is Fortini’s assessment of Drummond’s persona/ethos? Include at least two examples from the article. Put your name on your summary and submit it to the Canvas Discussion forum (WTL #4) or print and turn it in.
  2. When finished with the quiz, read The Pioneer Woman’s about page, and then skim the most recent posts on the site (they are highlighted in the scrolling photos on the homepage). Then explore other sections if you have time.
  3. Review the mini lecture (in the ‘Class Notes’ Page of Canvas) on the design plan approach to production and analysis: focus on statement of purpose and production strategies.
  4. Get into groups of four to analyze the site according to the guidelines for the Blog Analysis project. Focus on statement of purpose and production strategies. Choose someone to take notes for the group. The note-taker will share the group’s analysis with the class. You will return to this group Thursday when we examine visual and written arrangement.
  5. Login to your WordPress account and go to your blog dashboard. We will create a welcome page and set it as the homepage for your site.
  6. Upload our design plans to the Canvas Assignments page
  7. Wrap-up and questions