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Daily Schedule Part 2 (weeks 7-16)


Part II: Using the Affordances of the Web

week 7

Tuesday, Oct. 4
Multimodality: When, Where, and Why
Read: Ball, Designerly ≠ Readerly

Thursday, Oct. 6
Multimodality: When, Where, and Why
Tech Presentation: Group #5
Read: Kress, Gains and losses: New forms of texts, knowledge, and learningRead: Web Writing Style Guide, How Can I Use Video on my Site? to the end, p. 49-72
Blog Post 4 due

week 8

Tuesday, Oct. 11
Using Video
Read: (need a text here about multimodal text)
Long-Form Project assigned
Research Journal entry 2 due

Thursday, Oct. 13
Using Video continued
Tech Presentation: Group #6
Blog Work Day: 4th page focus
Blog Post 5 due

week 9

Tuesday, Oct. 18
Using Audio
Read: McKee, “Sound Matters: Notes toward the analysis and design of sound in multimodal webtexts
Here are links to the multimedia examples in McKee’s article:
Homework: Radio Lab segment rhetorical analysis
Breathing/Secret of Roe
Winter Lyric
New York City: After the Fall
Sound Poems

Thursday, Oct. 20
Tech Presentation: Group #7
Using Audio
Continuation of McKee article discussion listen: Radio Lab, Morality
Blog Post 6 due

week 10

Tuesday, Oct. 25
Long-Form Project proposal workshopping
Research Journal entry 3 due

Thursday, Oct. 27
Tech Presentation: Group #8
Long-Form Project proposal workshopping
Blog Post 7 due

week 11

Tuesday, Nov. 1
Video Production Workshop

Thursday, Nov. 3
Tech Presentation: Group #9
Video Production Workshop
Blog Post 8 due

week 12

Tuesday, Nov. 8
Audio Production Workshop
Research Journal entry 4 due

Thursday, Nov. 10
Tech Presentation: Group #10
Audio Production Workshop
Blog Post 9 due

week 13

Tuesday, Nov. 15
E-book & other print formats Workshop
Website 4th page of your choice due 

Thursday, Nov. 17
Tech Presentation: Group #11
Long-Form Project work day
Blog Post 10 due

week 14

Fall Break—No Class

week 15

Tuesday, Nov. 29
Long-Form Project draft workshopping
In-class: Complete your author sheet and submit it to the Canvas Discussion forum.
Homework: Prepare for the Wednesday and Friday workshop days—Read/view/listen to your group members’ drafts and by class time Wednesday submit the completed workshop sheet for each project to the Canvas Discussion forum.
Long-Form Project draft due
Research Journal entry 5 due (Research Analysis Overview or for Optional Blog)

Thursday, Dec. 1
Long-Form Project draft workshopping
Tech Presentation: Group #11
Bonus Blog Post due (optional!–for missed blog or late-work make-up)
Blog/Website project Reflective Analysis due 

week 16

Tuesday, Dec. 6 (attendance required)
Long-Form Project work day

Thursday, Dec. 8 (attendance optional)
Long-Form Project work day
Tech Presentation: Group #12
Long-Form Project, Reflective Analysis, & corresponding page on your website due


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