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Plan for Last Week of Classes (and Today)

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Here is a reminder of our plan for the last three class sessions (including today).

  • This upcoming Tuesday (Dec. 6) is a required class sessions. Please show up–it will be a short class (but you can use the full time to work on your project if you wish).
  • On Tuesday, we will begin with course evaluations. After that, you are free to go if all your work  for this class is complete, but the whole 75 minutes is available if you need to complete your project. Plan on staying for a minimum of 15 minutes. As an extra incentive to come this class, I will give everyone present three bonus points to your Research Journals. (This should help those of you stressing about missed research journal entries.)
  • Today and the last day of classes (Thursday, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8) are optional work sessions. I will be in our classroom ready to assist with your projects if you need me. If no one shows up after the first ten minutes of class I reserve the right to go to my office to work.
  • I will be finalizing grades throughout this and next week so check Canvas often for updates.
  • From this point on, continue to work on your Long-Form Project and the accompanying Designer’s Statement. This should be placed on your website (or the equivalent: link, etc) by Thursday, Dec. 8 at midnight.

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