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HTML and Longform Workshop

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Today’s agenda:

  • Tech Presentation: Snapchat
  • HTML
  • Long-Form Workshop Overview (for next time)

HTML for Beginners

This site contains the best video overview of HTML I’ve found. Here is the best text site. Play with it!

Here are some basics:

<> = begin code (what goes between the carrots [the greater than/less than signs] is the modified code)

</> = end code

b = bold (sometimes it is also stated as ‘strong’)

i = italics (sometimes it is ’em’)

strike = strike through

ul = unordered list (like bullets)

ol = ordered list (like numbers or letters)

li = list item

p = paragraph

br = line break

a href=”website url”  text = website link (this one is not showing correctly b/c wordpress keeps reading it as a code–see the tutorials above for more info on links)
img src = image

Long-Form Project Workshop (overview–we will complete this in class next time):

  1. Complete the author sheetPreview the documentView in a new window (in Canvas) for your project (only take about 10 minutes or so if possible) and upload it as a file, word document, etc. on Canvas for your partner to review.
  2. Find your partner in the class and discuss your completed author sheet with him/her (if absent then contact by email). Chat about your project and any important information you want him/her to have about your draft.
  3. Make sure everyone has a way to share their project. Get your project online now. See the Sharing Video page for instructions on how to upload video to YouTube and Vimeo. Upload audio and print documents to your Discussion page in Canvas. If you have a website or other link for viewing your project, paste it in a Word document and upload that to your Canvas Discussion page.
  4. Fill out the response worksheet accordingly for your partner’s project and upload it to Canvas. The exchange of the response worksheet will be due Thursday, Dec. 1 by midnight.


Complete and submit the author sheet (see step 1 in the Workshop directions above) before class next time

Complete the Research Journal #5 by midnight next time (Nov. 29)



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